Published Date : 2020年4月21日13:49

【Python】Get index number, get value from index number

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YouTubeにアップした動画、「【Python】Part 3 - 一分間の3Dアニメーションで理解するPythonの基礎」の補足説明の記事です。

Here's a little more about the "【Python】Part 3 - Understand the basics of Python with a one-minute 3D animation" video I uploaded to YouTube.


Let's retrieves a value by specifying the index number of Python variable, or retrieves an index number by specifying a value


You can read this post in a minute, just like the video above.

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First, Start up a command prompt or terminal and type Python.

$ python

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The len () method can retrieve the length of a variable.

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Non-list strings are counted one by one because the string is iterable.

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An iterable is an object that can be repeated in a for statement.

The ability to repeat in a for statement means that strings appear to stick together, but can actually be retrieved individually.

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The index() method returns the index number of a specified number or character from a list.

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Index numbers are easier to understand if you look at the diagram below. In short, it is a number that represents the order.

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Remember that the programming index numbers start at "0".

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Let's use the print() function to print the value of a variable from its index number.


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